Elderly Driver Who Crashed Into Casino Raises Questions

An casino in Laughlin, Nevada had horrible habit occur this week that could have been avoided. A 70-year-old man is accountable for remarkable nine individuals, murdering two, when he crashed his car during the entry of the Edgewater Hotel and Casino.

Walter McGie, who was Agen Togel Sgp his way to play at the casino, had a brief history of seizures which caused blackouts. This was documented in McGie’s medical history, but there was a slide in the computer system. This error comes in a surprise because Nevada has one of the strictest set of driving laws from the nation.

So why was that this man when driving when he introduced a risk to people? McGie was experiencing blackouts for 3 decades prior which might have been avoided. Law enforcement officials concur that is a man who should not have been driving. The principal problem is he was licensed to drive in Washington, a state it does not require doctors to report medical problems.

McGie had some options beforehand to consider exclusive responsibility in this circumstance. In hindsight he should have discovered additional alternatives for at his destination. In cases like this McGie could have asked a close friend to drive him to the casino or chose the selection to bet at home at an internet casino.

Law and police are inspecting this specific case and legislation to avoid future accidents. Officials might need to be stricter when it comes to driving privileges for those that pose a danger to innocent men and women.

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