Let’s Take a Look at Various Types of Poker Opponents.

Sometimes you can hear players complaining that they just couldn’t continue the game because someone “was always raising preflop” or “responding before the river” or something. As a rule, they are inexperienced players who have not yet realized the ability to observe opponents to rank them. Not only do they not make their own rankings, but they are unaware of the classic categories of poker player types.

You need to know these categories to gain flexibility. The uneducated player is bombarded with unfamiliar strategies and does not know what to do. Therefore, he is unprepared and has no tools to adapt to.

The more experienced you are qq online, the better you will understand that poker is a game where you can never have accurate information, where you need to improvise, use your accurately calculated instincts and tactics, and where you should be able to quickly adapt to any opponent’s tricks and quirks. .

That said, no player is fully prepared and there are many strategies, none of which are guaranteed. If that’s the only truism you remember to bring to the table, you might be ready to take on new challenges without breaking a sweat or freezing.

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the classic basic types of poker players. Maniacs, tight and loose players require you to adopt a distinct attitude. In principle, any deviation from your opponents from the ideal game means gain: a good player only likes to play against fish and maniacs. Occasionally, you may lose against these opponents, even losing a lot during especially unlucky sessions, but in the long run, you should always be able to win significantly more than you lose against these players.

The weak opponent type is your buttered bread. They are easy and profitable. These players play beyond the scope of their hands, stay when they must fold, and respond to any call with bad draws and basically weak hands. Bluffing is not their nature, nor is it taking full advantage of any good hands they may receive. Your good hands are unprotected. In technical poker, its parameters are probably VPIP over 40%, PFR below 10%, AF below 1.5 and WSD over 40%.

The restricted category of opponents is not the most lucrative. These players play only the hands they should and can be very aggressive in doing so. On the other hand, they are the easiest to read and protecting the curtains is not their strong point. In poker, speak again, the parameters are VPIP below 15%, PFR below 10%.

Aggressive and loose players or maniacs: the most unpredictable type; With any luck, this opponent will mean big win, but you should also be ready to lose a little, because in the long run a maniac is definitely profitable. Maniacs play almost everything, always eager to bet / raise / raise again. Some find it stressful to play against these opponents. However, they are easy to defeat: you just need a good acceptable hand and keep it until the showdown. The parameters of these players are usually VPIP above 50%, PFR above 20%, AF above 2.5.

Bringing the end is the competent player. This is a case to avoid if you can help it. It is much harder to make money from them. They tend to be aggressive players, with VPIP parameters = 20%, PFR = 10% and AP = 2.5. As when playing with any strong opponent, you will have to face the occasion and wait for some luck to come your way.

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